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Our Policies


Communication Policy

Our Communication with all our Stakeholders is Active, Honest and Prompt. Being prepared and able to communicate is the basis of leadership, of knowledge transfer and thus of the company’s success. We maintain our scope for action by providing more


Environmental Policy

 We are committed to taking an active part in protecting natural resources. Acting Instead of Reacting - We at C2C Movers play an active role in protecting natural resources by ensuring that our operations take environ­mental concerns fully into account more


Heath & Safety Policy

The senior management as well as every associate of C2C Movers is responsible for a consistent and reliable implementation of this Occupational Health and Safety Policy. Activities are carried out according to the standards of this Policy, the Management Manual and more


Quality Policy

C2C Movers aims to ensure that its services meet the needs of its customers at all times in accordance with contractual requirements, its policies and procedures more

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