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Organising your office move or company relocation

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

Relocating your office typically requires a different set of priorities to those of a domestic removal.

Office equipment ready for a move
C2C Movers Office Move

We suggest you start planning for your move around 12 weeks prior to the planned date to prepare your employees for the move.

Businesses need to ensure the minimum disturbance to employees and office equipment during the relocation. If a removal is not well planned, revenue can be rapidly affected and anxiety levels within the business can lead to reduced efficiency. First-rate preparation is vital to diminish this.

Our office move checklist

Create a moving team

If you can, put together a team who can plan and organise the move. Having a checklist is crucial so that nothing is missed. What are the essentials? Internet connection and phone lines, cleaning, security and maintenance services, utility services, and so on.

If you do not have the luxury of assigning a team, this will usually fall on the owners of the company or the office manager. They will need to coordinate everything as well as liaise with your building providers, staff, movers and clients.

Declutter the office

Moving is the perfect opportunity to have a spring clean. Do you really need to take all that clutter with you? Working with a clear desk policy helps. Many odd things seem to accumulate on desks, in cupboards and filing cabinets. For no known reason, we have a two-foot, battery operated James Brown figurine in our storage cupboard. What’s the strangest thing you’ve found while decluttering your office?

Location and new office requirements

Finding the perfect location for a new office is very important. Are you growing or downsizing? Are all your people in the office all day every day? Homeworking is becoming more popular, so could you have shared desk spaces? Flexibility can save money on premises and boost productivity.

Do most of your staff bring their own portable devices to work? How much desk space do you actually need? Do you need a meeting room? Can you store documents electronically and lose all that paperwork? Remember, if you’re disposing of any sensitive data, make sure you do so in an appropriate fashion.