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Unpacking: A Comprehensive Guide to Settling in After a Move

It’s one of the most dreaded parts of a move. You’ve already packed all your belongings and moved them from your old home to your new one. You’re exhausted. You’re done, now it’s time to unpack the last chore in a long list of moving-related jobs.

Ready for un-packing
Move Complete, Ready to Un-Pack

But unpacking doesn’t have to be the last, dreaded speed bump to get over before you can enjoy your new home. With some organisation, a lot of planning ahead. Unpacking can be one of the simplest and most seamless parts of your move, honestly!

The trick is to start thinking about unpacking early (and we do mean early, as in before you even start packing up in the first place) With some organisational tips and tricks, you can make unpacking the easiest part of the whole move, and even, dare we say, somewhat enjoyable.

"Ready to take the stress out of the last step of your move and spend more time enjoying your new home?"

Then these tips and tricks are the key to a seamlessly organised unpacking experience.

STEP#1: Have Unpacking In Mind Before You Move

The unpacking process itself may not begin until you arrive and start to get settled in your new home. But you can (and should) start making unpacking plans before you even start packing. One of the best ways to make unpacking easier is to have a solid plan in place, and that starts before the first of your belongings even make their way into a box or bag. Here’s what to do.

Make a Plan (and Take Inventory)

The best moves start with a comprehensive, well-organised plan. You have a few different options here.