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Why do I need moving Insurance?

This is a question often asked by our customers, the simple answer is..’Accidents happen’ and to ensure your personal and sometimes precious belongings are protected, we always recommend having the right level of insurance for your move.

Don't risk it, ensure your move is fully insured.
Moving Home Insurace - Accidents Happen

Do I need removals insurance when I move home?

The simple answer is Yes, you need moving insurance because you are entrusting your all worldly goods into a large box on wheels.

However, first check your existing home insurance policy (If this covers you, there may well be an additional cost to cover your move). Another option is to take out our ‘C2C Movers Insurance’ to cover your move, please make sure any accidents are covered to save stress should the need arise.

“But I’m spending so much already! Is moving insurance really worth it?”

Again, yes. Spending on removals insurance is worth it for your peace of mind. Even if you have an existing home contents insurance, it is still advisable to get moving insurance, as the latter does not usually cover items damaged during a house move.

With the stress that comes with the moving process, it’s good to have something to rely on for the safety of your items.

If you’re on a tight budget, you don’t have to worry! Your policy rate can be calculated based on what you need and what risks you are willing to take. By then, you will be financially protected from costly repairs or replacement for your damaged belongings.

Many contents insurance policies will cover your possessions in transit, but you must check that this is the case for you. Check your policy documents or call your insurance firm to ensure your belongings, including your valuables, are covered whilst being transported.

If you have packed yourself...

Finally, but important to remember, a lot of insurance companies will not cover you for loss or damage if you packed the boxes yourself. Your boxes need to be professionally packed otherwise damage to your goods cannot be validated and your claim is at risk of being refused. Many removal companies offer a packing service, so be sure to mention that this is something you require to your removals company during your early discussions. Before your move, please feel free to check with C2C Movers representative on all of these points to ensure that you have the sufficient removals insurance. Remember C2C Movers offer everything from Man & Van (where we simply provide the transport an help loading on and off through to a Fully Insured full packing and delivery service. There are many advantages using a professional removal company such as ourselves, with the appropriate removals insurance and the expert skill to pack your belongings safely and securely.

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