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Your Guide to Packing China & Crystal Glassware When Moving

From packing china dishes to boxing up crystal glassware, these delicate and oh-so-fragile items deserve the utmost attention when moving to a new home. Not only are they monetarily valuable, but they may be sentimentally significant as well. Whether it’s vintage china plates from your grandmother or crystal champagne flutes from your wedding, the last thing you want is for these treasures to break during the moving process.

Packing your Chine & Glassware For Your Move
How to Pack Your China & Glassware

For moving valuable items, we highly recommend hiring a specialised moving company to handle the packing and transportation. However, we know this isn’t always possible. If you’ve decided to pack and move your china, crystal and other fragile glassware on your own, you’ll need to take certain steps to keep your items from breaking. If you do decide to enlist professionals to help, you’ll still need to take important precautions to protect your belongings.

Moving supplies can make or break (literally) your move, so make sure to invest in the right ones

Below, we’ve included directions, materials and tips for successfully packing china and crystal. Best of luck and happy moving! Here is our 3 Step guide to packing:

Step One: Before You Pack

Step Two: How To Pack

Step Three: After You Pack

Finally some more tips for packing china and crystal glassware. Here's our 5 Hacks to assist.

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C2C Movers Step-By-Step Guide

Step One: Before You Pack

While moving to a new home is certainly a chaotic time, it’s important to keep fragile china and breakable glassware top of mind before packing even begins. Here are a few tips to help you prepare.

Make note of all inventory

Before the packing begins, start making note of all of your valuable glassware and dinnerware inventory. You can do so by taking photographs and writing down exactly what you have. If any of your crystal glassware or china dinnerware already has scratches or chips, make note of these imperfections as well. This inventory list will make it easier to file a claim against your moving company, if they happen to damage or lose your items. It will also make it easier to file a claim with your homeowners insurance in case they break during the move.

Look into insurance options

Speaking of insurance, it’s important that you consider all of your options. Those moving without professional movers will need to look into their homeowners insurance policy to see what exactly it covers and (more importantly!) doesn’t cover. While many policies cover belongings while they are inside the home, they may not cover items while on the truck. If this is the case, you should consider purchasing an additional moving insurance policy from an insurance company.

Many of these moving insurance policies cover goods for a period of up to 90 days while in transit or storage. In addition to considering outside insurance, those hiring a professional moving company should ask about their valuation coverage options. All moving companies should offer different levels of liability including a basic Released Value Protection option and a more comprehensive Full Value Protection option.

For more information on moving insurance, read our previous Blog 'Why Do I Need Move Insurance'.

Invest in the right moving supplies

Moving supplies can make or break (literally) your move, so make sure to invest in the right ones. Supplies to consider purchasing for packing china and crystal include: quality corrugated boxes for glassware, cellular dividers, foam pouch inserts, cushioning material, packing tape, newspaper or packing paper, a sharpie marker and items for padding, such as blankets or pillows.


Step Two: How to Pack

Ready to pack your crystal and fragile glassware? Here are a few steps to follow.

Assemble corrugated moving boxes

Make sure that all corrugated boxes are sturdy enough to handle the move. Separate the boxes into two categories: plates and glassware.

Place cellular, cardboard dividers inside the boxes

Place these partitions inside the boxes where you intend to put your glassware. Once inserted inside the box, these dividers will provide a great way to separate and protect all of your fragile crystal glasses.

Wrap glassware items in protective cushioning

When packing glassware (think: highball glasses, wine glasses, flutes, mugs and coupes), wrap and secure each item with a protective layer, such as bubbled cushioning or foam pouch inserts. Stuff packing paper inside the glassware’s opening as well for extra protection.

Fill empty spaces with protective cushioning

Once you’ve inserted each individual piece of glassware inside of a partition, fill in the surrounding space with extra cushioning to prevent items from shifting while on the road.

Wrap dinnerware in protective cushioning

When packing fine china, such as porcelain plates and bowls, wrap each item individually in either packing paper and/or several layers of bubbled cushioning.